Pulse First Aid Training

Welcome to pulse First aid training Our trainers have years of practical experience from which they can draw examples making the course relevant, fun and meeting the needs of your industry
while professionally upholding the integrity of every course we deliver. Our trainers are passionate, dedicated professionals with more than 30 years experience. Most of our trainers are nurses with a broad range of experience from ICU to midwifery. Although we are not limited trainers that are nurses

We offer training to individuals, and to all businesses, large and small groups are all welcome . Our courses will provide you with the confidence needed, to act when faced with an emergency.
Our training is very practical and can be conducted at your premises or with others at a public course

Where we are

62 Badgery Crescent
New South Wales 2783

How to reach Pulse First Aid Training

0447 475 524

Courses we offer

10685NAT - Course in Safe Handling of Sharps and Infectious Waste More details
22300VIC - Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis More details
22556VIC - Course in the Management of Asthma Risks and Emergencies in the Workplace More details
Course Set - 22556VIC & 22300VIC More details
Course Set - HLTAID001, 22556VIC & 22300VIC More details
Course Set - HLTAID001 & UETTDRRF06 (CPR/ LVR) More details
Course Set - HLTAID003 & UETTDRRF06 (First aid/ LVR) More details
Course Set - HLTAID004, 22556VIC & 22300VIC More details
Course Set - HLTAID006 & HLTAID007 (including HLTAID001 & HLTAID003) More details
HLTAID001 - Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation More details
HLTAID002 - Provide basic emergency life support More details
HLTAID003 - Provide first aid More details
HLTAID004 - Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting More details
HLTAID005 - Provide first aid in remote situations More details
HLTAID006 - Provide advanced first aid More details
HLTAID007 - Provide advanced resuscitation More details
HLTAID008 - Manage first aid services and resources More details
HLTHPS006 - Assist clients with medication More details
HLTINF001 - Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures More details
HLTSS00027 - Occupational First Aid Skill Set More details
HLTWHS005 - Conduct manual tasks safely More details
Non accredited - Baby Talk - first aid awareness More details
Non accredited - Complex bowel care More details
Non accredited - Enteral feeding and management More details
Non accredited - Medication Administration More details
Non accredited - Resuscitation mask More details
Non accredited - Stoma Care More details
Non accredited - Urinary catheters More details
PUAEME001 - Provide emergency care More details
PUAEME003 - Administer oxygen in an emergency More details
UETTDRRF06 - Perform rescue from a live LV panel More details
UETTDRRF10 - Provide first aid in an ESI environment More details

Locations we provide training in

We are based in the Blue Mountains NSW and run regular public courses at Hazelbrook
We also travel to reginal NSW , Sydney and New Castle for client courses

This course is delivered and assessed on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909